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01-07-2013    Update: System Requirements for GeneSifter
  The most recent system requirements information can now be found here. For the best GeneSifter experience we recommend using a recent version FireFox.
01-31-2012    Now available: GeneSifter© Analysis Edition v4.0
  Geopsiza is proud to announce the release of GeneSifter© Analysis Edition v4.0 for Next Gen Sequencing customers. This major release of the software includes feature enhancements and new capabilities that enable NGS customers to handle large data sets with rich annotation, Multi-Sample Variant Report that identifies biologically significant information in large data sets across samples and powerful query tools to identify nucleotide variants. For more information on key features and benefits please see the product update here.
04-21-2011    Update: Geospiza is pleased to announce the latest release of GeneSifter Analysis Edition
  GeneSifter Analysis Edition v3.7 introduces new streamlined approaches to viewing data, launching analyses, and searching across large result outputs as well as paired-end support for RNA-Seq and DNA-Seq. These improvements continue to keep GeneSifter current with new Next Generation Sequencing workflows and best practices while maintaining ease of use. View the product brief here.
04-14-2011    Entrez Gene Updated
  Entrez Gene annotation has been updated with the latest data available.
04-14-2011    KEGG Updated
  KEGG annotation has been updated with the latest data available.
04-14-2011    Gene Ontologies Updated
  Gene Ontology annotation has been updated with the latest data available.
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